Origami, Paper Constructions, and Some Paper Mache

The last few days we’ve been doing projects that involve using paper in more of a 3-D way.  Folding, cutting, gluing, etc.  Some students did some origami, some did some pop-ups and others assembled folded paper into cubes and such.

I brought a selection of books about origami and paper sculpture construction and everybody tried to follow the directions in the books to make something.

This is  2 small boxes  folded up by Ms. C.  She got the directions from one of the books and successfully followed through with the creation.

A nice pop up.  I think it was a variation of something in one of the books.

Ms. S thrashed quite a while on folding this frog.  First she had to fold the frog base and then fold the frog.

A nicely folded strawberry!

Mr. M folded a  nice lily.

Some boxes of folded strips of paper glued up, a couple of different sizes.

A carefully cut and folded pop up.


And now…onto paper mache!

A few shots of doing paper mache.  Pretty straight up stuff.  tear paper into strips, dip into wallpaper paste and lay it over a form.  In the above  pictures, everybody is making bowls.  Below,  armatures are made of  rolled,  wadded, and taped up newspaper, to be covered with paper mache later.

Here, Ms. S has stuffed and otherwise cajoled newspaper into the shape of an elephant.  Next class she will cover it with newspaper dipped in wallpaper paste-paper mache.

A selection of stuff/objects being readied for next class.  The shapes will be wrapped with paper mache and assembled into……?


The early stage of pear construction.

An elephant taking shape

Painting the elephant.

Another elephant being worked on.

Ms. M has made a well formed bowl.

Mr.  M has put together a small cup form.

Michael’s cup is waiting for varnish and his interpretation of a heart is to the left.

The bowl came out real nice Sarah!

Everybody is making at least two different things out of paper mache.  A bowl shape and something else of their own choosing.  It’s always nice,  from an instructors standpoint, to see so many actively involved students working hard and trying things they have never tried before.


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