Spatter Painting; Comets and Stars

In class we made some quick spatter paintings of comets and stars. It’s a pretty simple method. Dip a toothbrush in white paint and spatter the black paper or just sling paint and drag blobs along in order to get a reasonable looking comet and/or stars. It’s a fun and easy way of getting a space look.

Above is a crude video of a student making one of the space paintings. I shot it with my Nikon 110,  so the quality is not all that great, but hopefully you get the idea as to how the comets and stars are made.

A nice looking comet with stars.

Work is in progress.

This one looked nice.

A nice grouping of comets.


This has nothing to do with spatter painted stars and such but it was a turned in lesson plan that had a nice project.  On the whole, all the lesson plans turned in looked good.


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