Isn’t this great?   A rectangle traced over and over, colored with a limited color scheme.  Simple, effective, and captivating.

In today’s class we talked about the difference between pictures(something that looks like something) and designs(anything else).  This is a somewhat simple way of  analyzing something on a page but for the purposes of young students, it works ok.  The students made repeated designs today; random, orderly, overlap and no overlap.  I do this project with just about all age levels, a lot of good concepts and vocabulary words are covered this way.  The other words/concepts that I introduce are, sketch(which I define as a practice drawing), finished drawing, and drawing lightly.   Since the students are drawing/sketching 4 different designs, I tell them to pick the best one and make it a finished drawing.  We also talk about drawing lightly for the sketch and making the lines darker for the finished drawing.

It’s a lot to get across and usually the above concepts are covered and thrashed on repeatedly.

Ms. S drawing.

Random, no overlap.

Random, with overlap.

Orderly, no overlap.

Orderly, with overlap.

Work in progress.

A nice looking random, overlap design.

Another nice random, overlap design.

Mr. M made these nice designs.

Ms. M., still working.

Just getting started on the finished drawing.

To reiterate, the concepts we covered  were; repeated designs, overlap, no overlap,  random,  orderly,  sketch,  finished drawing,  drawing lightly,  and the difference between a picture and a design.  I don’t expect the very young to really do this and remember it all in one lesson,  but the concepts a useful and can be gone over as time permits.

Another eye catching and simple design based upon tracing a rectangle and coloring in the overlaps.  Lots of colors!

Some more repeated designs.


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