Small Christmas

Some Small Christmas Decorations

2014christmas ornaments mixed 001We did some small scale embossing. I found a bunch of 38 gauge aluminum and had all the grade levels except kindergarten do some holiday themed work.

2014christmas ornaments mixed 002This is what class usually looks like.  ‘Kinda chaotic.  Scissors, hot glue, sharp metal edges,construction paper, elmers, what could go wrong? Out of all the classes, I had a few students yelp when they got a bit of hot glue on their fingers.   All but one wanted to finish, on their own, in spite of the risk.

A nice example all framed up.  We framed up and matted most of the work going home.2014christmas ornaments mixed 004

2014christmas ornaments mixed 005Hard to see this, but it was a nice nativity scene.

2014christmas ornaments mixed 009

2014christmas ornaments mixed 011A couple of nice trees.  The work below led to the work above.  We worked on doing small drawn items first and framing them, before we moved on to embossing the metal and doing the frames.

mixed 11.21.14 312

Why small, you’re probably thinking.

1. Less materials

2. Working small encourages students to use finger and thumb(prehensility would be the professional wording).

3. Small stuff is more likely to make it home without being folded and otherwise mutilated.

4. Small area to work on generally means quicker to complete.  With 1/2 hour art classes, I’m thinking this is something to repeat.

mixed 11.21.14 307

So the plan is to draw/color a Christmas themed picture.

mixed 11.21.14 311

Glue one or more down.  This student,with the more is better idea.  I  tried to encourage one at a time, but hey, ‘ya ‘gotta respect a kid with a vision!

mixed 11.21.14 313


mixed 11.21.14 314




mixed 11.21.14 315

mixed 11.21.14 317


mixed 11.21.14 322


mixed 11.21.14 326


mixed 11.21.14 327


mixed 11.21.14 328


mixed 11.21.14 329


mixed 11.21.14 330

Paper Mache

 The slideshow is a freebie(hence the branding)from Animoto

The 7th and the 8th grades have been working on paper mache.  The 7th grade has been making bowls and the 8th grade has been making big heads.  It’s been a lot of fun, but a bit to messy for this art teacher, and I’m looking forward to doing some drawing activities next.

mixed 9.11.14 007

A table busy at work.

mixed 9.11.14 008

I love the bow!

mixed 9.11.14 009

Not a bad start to a pig.

mixed 9.11.14 011

This will eventually be a dragon.

mixed 9.11.14 012

And this a giraffe?

mixed 9.11.14 006

Minions being worked on .

mixed 9.11.14 016

Not sure as to why the dual color, but I like it.

mixed 9.11.14 017

mixed 9.11.14 018 mixed 9.11.14 019

mixed 9.11.14 020

mixed 9.11.14 021

Dylan F.  hold up a completed bowl.

mixed 9.11.14 014

A pig starts to take on color.

mixed 9.11.14 015

mixed 9.11.14 028

Nice bowl, shy student.

mixed 9.11.14 029

A dragon starts to take shape.

mixed 9.11.14 030

The horns and the dual colors worked out well!

mixed 9.11.14 010This became….

mixed 9.11.14 031


mixed 9.11.14 032

I believe this is Ms. Kaitlyn B.

mixed 9.11.14 033

Another great minion!

mixed 9.11.14 034

Not sure as to it’s name, but it looks scary.

mixed 9.11.14 022

Another nice bowl.

mixed 9.11.14 023

mixed 9.11.14 024

mixed 9.11.14 026

mixed 9.11.14 027

Jr. Hi. Play

Doing the stage scenery was great fun.  This post used to be a tab at the top and was used for updates.  So it might read a bit weird.   

mixed 9.11.14 004Here is Ms. Josie finishing up her Jukebox.

mixed 9.11.14 005Kylie and Leah finishing up a poster to hang below the front stage

mixed 9.11.14 008Here is Bradley putting the finishing touches on his jukebox.

mixed 9.11.14 009

mixed 9.11.14 001

mixed 9.11.14 002Leah and Kylie immersed in the throes of creation.

mixed 9.11.14 003Here Jaidan is inking up a drawing by Abby C.

mixed 9.11.14 002Here is Kylie holding up the poster she made of one of the characters in the play. She is standing on a chair, because it’s a bit taller than she is.

mixed 9.11.14 067Here is Ms. Josie putting the finishing touches on her poster for adjectives. The lettering is not done here, so you can’t see it very well, but it came out great.

mixed 9.11.14 068Here is Abbey working on numbers.  Ms. Wolford is needing all the multiples of three for a scene in the play.

mixed 9.11.14Here is a shot of Kylie  B. and Josie R.  working on the backdrop, that is a map of the United States.  It’s getting close to being done!

DSCN4063This is the basic design of what is going on the t-shirt and the front of the program.  Ms. Leah did it all herself!

DSCN4062I think this is Ms. Jaiden painting the United States map.

DSCN4048The above picture is Bradley drawing the Capital building for the play.

DSCN4056Ms. B and Josie are painting the circulatory system.

I’m going to be putting information about doing the stage scenery for the Jr. Hi. play here.

So far here is a summation/first draft of what we are going to be working on