Some Origami, Fall 2014


mixed 9.11.14 178I do origami at all grade levels.  So many educational bases can covered. Realizing something starts as a 2-d shape and then becomes 3-d is a concept ODE will test for under the heading of nets on the math test in 4th and 5th grade achievement tests.  I use origami to introduce and work on fractions, different shapes, and lot of following directions and listen skills are directly engaged when a student does origami.

mixed 9.11.14 014In the pics above we had worked on doing cups and when the students get the hang of it, I pass out small strips of paper they can fold and cut into small squares to make small cups.  All ages delight in doing small stuff.  I still like it too.

mixed 9.11.14 035We also do bigger cups, as the student above is holding up.  Here you can see he has unfolded the cup(as per instructions) and is coloring in the shapes created in folding the cup.  6/8 are triangles and 2/8 are trapezoids.

mixed 9.11.14 038Here’s a hat with some glued on additions.  Wednesday of this particular week was “Wacky” something  or other day so some of the students went nuts with the colorful additions.

mixed 9.11.14 051Nice shot of a happy child and a completed hat.  The kids like folding stuff and so do I.

mixed 9.11.14 057A nice group shot.

Big Heads

I’m still adding photos, but so far……

sam9.11.14Sam P. in full stalking mode

In 7th grade my students make paper mache bowls and in 8th grade we grow the project a little to make great big heads.  I have the students do some research about masks in different cultures, but the students really just kind of go off on there own and create there own ideas of what they want in a mask.

mixed 9.11.14 071This is how the big head project started. I had some big balloons and had my students blow them up.  Weirdly only a few popped, I expected more.

DSCN3954The g-man painting up the big head.  He always too happy. I tell him to stop being happy, he just does not listen to me.

DSCN3959We did a lot of painting.

DSCN3973Great mustache!

DSCN3983Ms. K models the mouse.

DSCN3988The room looked like this a lot.

DSCN4044 DSCN4045Here’s a few shots of Christians head on and off.  He did a great job finishing!

DSCN3957This one, I think by Miss Page, has some great 3-d additions to the big round head she started with.

FALL 2014

Mono Printing/Finger Painting

all pictures 3.21 008On August 19th, 2014 a new art year started for my students and myself!  I thought the best thing to start with would be a lesson in mono printing.  We discussed  the word/prefix, “mono” meaning one and we talked about the process of printing one at a time, hence the word “monoprinting”

The students will remember it as finger painting.  I should have taken a picture of the clean room with freshly painted table tops, ’cause they won’t look this nice the rest of the year.   It’s a fun first day project.  They have to listen to me, cooperate with each other, and they all like smearing paint around.

all pictures 3.21 013You start out by smearing some paint around on a piece of plexiglass. You can see one student using a brush to smear the paint around and one student starting to scribble with one finger.  I tell the students to use one finger so it’s easier to clean up.

all pictures 3.21 014Once the design is scribbled into the paint, a piece of paper is set down on the paint.  You can see a student here lightly pushing the paper down in to the paint to get the paint to adhere to the paper.

all pictures 3.21 015Her you can see a student pulling the print. I stick to light orange and yellow colors usually to make cleanup easier.


Below are just some general classroom shots of doing the mono-printing/finger painting.  I wish I would have thought to take some picture of the K and 1st graders, they were all pretty excited!

all pictures 3.21 018




all pictures 3.21 019




all pictures 3.21 020

all pictures 3.21 017